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Senior Certified Consultant

Kyle Zeigler loves to help companies streamline processes, get timely mission-critical information to those who need it, and teach them how to use Sage 300/Timberline in ways that benefit them most. According to Kyle, the best thing about being a Sage Certified Consultant is the opportunity to work with remarkable people in a variety of interesting, innovative organizations.

Kyle has worked in various accounting positions for over 25 years and holds a degree in Business and Accounting. Having worked with Sage 300/Timberline Office at a construction company for eight plus years, she credits her introduction to the software with releasing her “inner geek.” When Kyle grew to be captivated by the challenges of writing custom reports and solving complex information needs, she decided to become a Ledgerwood Associates Consultant. She quickly achieved Sage Certification.

Kyle has lived in the Phoenix area for over 30 years. She enjoys reading, gardening, and trips to Disneyland at least once a year. Contact Kyle at or 480-423-8300.

Sage Authorized Partner
CFMA member
Microsoft partner
PBJ Best Places to Work
Arizona Technology Council member
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