Introducing the New Ledgerwood Associates Website

By Joanie Hollabaugh

For starters, the new Ledgerwood Associates website address is shorter. We’ve dropped the “Associates” in the url and our emails, and now we can all type 10 LESS CHARACTERS. Whoot, whoot! ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Hello’ (By the way, if you’ve bookmarked the old site, it will redirect you to the new one.)

The goal of this web update was to make the User Experience better for YOU. We want you to know how to solve your business needs with software solutions that LAI recommends and supports. You should be able to discover what you need, what goes with it, and why the solution best fits your role.

We are also adding some great new Sage products to our CRE suite, Sage CRM and Sage ERP X3. For our current Sage CRE customers, Sage CRM integrates with Sage 300 CRE (and also the new Sage ERP X3).geek

Here are all the groovy new features in the LAI website:

  • New navigation: Use the top navigation bar or the tabs to find the content you want.
  • New Sage products: Sage CRM and Sage ERP X3.
  • “Complementary Products:” Have you wondered what Sage-branded additional modules or third-party add-ons work with core products? Now, you can find them on each product page, or listed under “Integration
  • Products” by solution – like Reporting, Takeoff, or Cloud & Mobile, etc.
  • User personas and the LAI Geek: Savvy researchers want to know the difference between products by how they use them. So, we captured the reasons why Owners / Controllers / Estimators / Dispatchers / Marketers /
  • Property Managers /etc., would need which product.
  • Blog page: we’ve outgrown the “Timberline Forum” blog (in a separate site). Now, all blogs reside within the new website.
  • Videos!! Tons of them. Case studies, Sage-produced overviews, testimonials – they are there for you to peruse at your convenience.
  • LAI Newsletter: access to monthly newsletters with articles on industry trends, current topics and always Tips and Tricks for Sage 300 CRE (Timberline), Sage 100 Contractor (MasterBuilder), Accounting Tips, and new in 2015, Estimating Tips.
  • Easy support: Click a button to submit a ticket to LAI, or if you are on plan, three Sage resources to help you find the information you need quickly!

IMHO (in my humble opinion), every website should be a dynamic, evolving media platform. We’ve given you as many opportunities as we thought possible to start a conversation with us. You’ll find our Social Media links at the top right of every web page. Like us, follow us, call us! Or, if you want to shoot me a personal email with feedback about the new site, please do at (That was so FAST to type, wonder what I will do with all that free time?!)