The Technology Challenge: Integration of Construction & Financial Software Solutions

Combining the Pieces

A challenge in running any construction company is to easily and seamlessly integrate technologies in order to increase efficiency and profitability. Project management, scheduling, estimating, accounting, etc., – all need to be inter-related and linked together under one combined solution. Sounds impossible, right? Oh, and implement that solution avoiding errors and time costs in multiple data entries. Then add to that the need for information at your fingertips, at any moment (whether you are in the boardroom or on a construction site) – and technology integration can indeed be a challenge!

Fortunately in the construction industry, there is an ever-growing trend of technology solutions which enable greater integration while adding mobility to the solution. Project information can be continuously (two-way) synced between field and office, all while senior staff and owners sit at a conference table accessing and discussing data.

Integration becomes even more critical for remote projects. Having technological integration and current data across virtual collaborating teams ensures more smoothly running projects, creating greater profitability.

Interconnectivity is not as easy as it sounds, though! Functionality differs, depending on the design intent of each software component. For example, you may have BIM project data which needs to be tied to costing software, which then needs to populate data in an accounting solution – now, you can see why seamless integration of the technologies is indispensable. Clearly, cross-platform connectivity along with flow-through data control are essential when choosing your construction management and financial software.

Construction firms continue to search for ways to beat out the competition by increasing efficiency, building better bids, and lowering overhead to get the next project. If you have questions about construction management software or accounting and estimating solutions to technology integration, then you should attend Ledgerwood Associates 1st Annual Technology Day event, co-sponsored by Sage. Join everyone on April 4th, 2013 and pick the brains of presenters such as Piracle, Timberscan, and more, while they cover a range of the Future of Technology in Construction.