How to get help at Ledgerwood Associates, Inc.

by Ruth Stockdale, Director of Professional Services 

The 411 at LAI

We sometimes hear from customers that they are not certain who to contact for various questions. Here is a list of Ledgerwood Associates resources and what they can do for you.

Your consultant

If you already have a consulting relationship, you are welcome to contact that person directly. Our consultants make it a point to respond quickly, but if you want to expedite the communication, you can always contact the office. Do this by phone, direct e-mail (, or adding the office e-mail to the CC: line of your message to the consultant.

Customer Care coordinator

Contact us using , or call Carolyn at 480-423-8300.

Carolyn or other office staff can direct your question or request to the appropriate person. When in doubt, this is the best place to start. (Even if you have an assigned consultant, requesting services through Carolyn can expedite the communication.)

Other LAI staff

Everyone is interested is making sure you get any answer you need. Even though we transition clients from the Sales division to Professional Services Group for consulting, Ed, Tony and Mark all want to stay in close touch with clients.

Monthly Newsletter

These contain a wealth of helpful information about our products. They are e-mailed monthly to the contact name for your company, and you can find them on the website. (From the website, you can search on key topics to find an answer.) If you’re not receiving the newsletter, and wish to — sign up here.

LAI Website

You will find information about products, events, and support questions on our website. Products are organized into ‘core’ categories: Accounting, Estimating, Project Management, Product Management, etc., and a secondary menu for multiple product offerings (like Sage 100 and Sage 300 for Construction Accounting) Partner Products are solutions that ’round out’ your business suite, like Document Management, Mobility, Project Management integrators, and more.

All the product and partner product pages have a simple, one-click button to request a demo. Many have videos to help serve your particular research needs.

Learn ways to find Sage support resources on the Professional Services tab, look up our latest online classes or partner webinars on our Event Calendar, or even learn the “Ledgerwood Legacy” under the ‘Company’ tab (it’s a great story, by the way).

LAI Blog

The LAI blog is largely written by consultants, and there’s a right-side column where content is sorted by topics or products. The site is fully searchable as well, so you can type any search term into the box. You may find this quicker to search than some knowledgebases.

Social Media


For micro-sized news that leads you to further content, follow us @LedgerwoodAssoc. For “sassier” content, follow @LAI_joanie for a lighter take on life and LAI!


Like and follow us ( if your company (or personally) allows you to log into FB at work. Here, we love to also like what YOU’RE doing. So keep the project photos, awards and recognitions coming.


We also (re)post a lot of blog articles and sound bites on LinkedIn. Link to our page:

You Tube

One of our goals for this year is to publish more videos on You Tube, especially our product solution webinars. Here, you can catch up on demos, product features, and overviews that you simply may not have known existed: Happy surfing!