How To Archive Leases In Sage Timberline Property Management

Mr. Wizard, Mr. Wizard!

Did you know that the Sage Timberline 9.5. and later releases of Sage Timberline Property Management include access to an Archive Leases wizard?

This wizard guides you through the process of moving or archiving leases that are no longer used in your day-to-day processing. Archived leases are removed from the main lease file, increasing the normal processing performance in Property Management. For example, accessing leases in Change Lease will be more efficient since you will not have to filter through obsolete leases.

Before archiving leases, all custom fields need to be made available for general use. To do this, go to File > Company Settings > Custom Fields and select [Yes] if you see the message Do you want to make these custom fields available for general use? Complete this step for the following custom field records:

  • Lease
  • Lease Option
  • Lease Insurance
  • Lease Late Charge
  • Lease Recurring Charge

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