Hidden Benefits of Paperless Routing – Controlling Committed Costs

Paperless approval and routing systems are hardly new. Workflows and routing are common business processes that have become routine.  For Sage 300 CRE (formerly Timberline) there is a solution that raises basic functionality to a business  benefit – TimberScan.

One of challenges in Sage 300 CRE is that invoices entered can be rejected because they went over the commitment amount. With the TimberScan solution, there’s real time visibility to determine if the variance is on the company side (a Change Order wasn’t entered, for example), or on the vendor side (an invoice has been submitted that has not gone through the approval process, as another example).

When an invoice with a committed value is entered into TimberScan, you can view ALL of the commitments for that vendor, as well as the Total Commitment Value. You will know immediately if you have gone over the commitment value.

TimberScan also adheres to Sage 300 CRE’s rules, including the commitment warning, error and tolerance settings. So, really you get the best of both worlds — control and regulation.

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