Help for migrating to Sage 100 CON V-20 SQL

Don’t panic – yet!

Plan to complete before the end of October

Earlier this week, Sage released a notification that tax updates would be discontinued beginning July 1, 2017. So what does this mean for your organization? Should you start to panic?

The good news? Ultimately, there is no reason to panic. Typically, most tax updates are released from January 1 through around March 31 as that is when most of the taxes are defined by local, state, and federal governments. Sage has also committed to supporting Sage 100 Contractor through the end of 2017.

However, if you have not already migrated to version 20 and are current on support, you should make plans to have this completed before October 31, 2017. This will ensure you plenty of time if issues arise prior to year end procedures.

So, how do you know if you need to migrate?

Two quick ways to tell:

  1. Look at your icons. Sage 100 Contractor SQL has a different icon. If your icon looks like the one on the top, you need to migrate. If it’s the one on the bottom, you’re good to go.



2. Access the Sage 100 Contractor Program and hover over the Home and Resources icon. Then click About Sage 100 Contractor. If your version says anything earlier than 20.x, you need to migrate! Your version will be shown here:

Now, prepare to…prepare!

Sage will stop supporting the Microsoft Access version of Sage 100 CON. If you are still on Version 16, you need to upgrade to 19.7 before going to SQL. THIS IS NOT AN EASY MIGRATION!

Complete critical steps prior to migrating:

  1. Prepare
    1. Check prerequisites
    2. Verify current version is 19.7
    3. Decide on SQL or SQL Express
    4. Upgrade hardware if needed
  2. Install SQL and v20
  3. Data Preparation
    1. Review and prepare data
    2. Edit reports for known changes
  4. Migrate Data
    1. Check confirmation reports
    2. Resolve issues
  5. Orientation/Training
    1. Logins
    2. New Features
    3. New Reporting Options

Sage Knowledgebase help!

For current information about supported operating systems, Internet browsers, and other software, and about system requirements for servers and client workstations, refer to our Knowledge base article ID67758, available at

Make sure your computers meet the system requirements before you install the software. Sage100 Contractor may not run properly or at all on computers that do not meet the minimum requirements.

Stayed tuned for more blogs, training, and info from LAI to help you with your updates and migration. If you want to skip ahead, and just book time with one of our Sage Certified Consultants, just click the button below!