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HardDollar Project Cost Management Software

Project Cost Management

The InEight® (formerly Hard Dollar) Project Controls Management (PCM) solution gives Engineering Procurement Construction Managers (EPCMs), contractors, and owners visibility and integration between schedule and ERP that they require.

InEight sets the standard for performance, accuracy, and multi-user collaboration throughout the estimating process with InEight Estimate and InEight Control. This project cost management functionality combines budgeting, forecasting, estimating, benchmarking, and performance so you can manage progress and profit.

Zachry Construction does $6 billion in estimating work, using InEight:


Centralize project cost and productivity with HD Project Cost Management to confidently build cost models, measure progress, and forecast completion. HD PCM includes HD Project Estimating, HD Project Performance, and integrations with industry-standard scheduling and ERP tools. Owners, EPCMs, and contractors use HD PCM in the mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, power and process and STO industries.

InEight’s Front Office Products


HD Estimating iconHD Estimating is used by owners, EPCMs and contractors to establish standard processes and estimating methodologies, and build cost models.

Establish standard processes and core estimating methodologies with role-based templates, common views, central resource rates, industry specific libraries and the reduction of spreadsheets. Build complete project confidence from project inception with HD Estimating.


HD Performance iconHD Performance brings all project-related systems together to provide owners, EPCMs and contractors with the performance visibility they need to take corrective actions that keep projects on time and within budget. Collect progress, measure current completion against the budget estimate, compare to actuals and forecast completion at both the project and activity level on capital and maintenance projects.



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