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InEight Estimate (formerly Hard Dollar)

Written by Estimators for Estimators

In today’s competitive marketplace, project-driven companies must leverage the best possible tools to overcome key project challenges, including slow estimating, disorganized bidding and an inability to benchmark estimates. With InEight® Estimate, estimators and business development managers can use a unified cost-estimation platform with proven features to quickly and easily create more accurate estimates.

Using InEight software has been a tremendous help…since starting with InEight Estimate, we’ve won more quality bids. —  Rod Brown, Superintendent, Kemi Construction Co., Inc.

Why InEight Estimate outperforms the competition:

  • Designed for horizontal construction and capital projects, serving the Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Mining, Power/Process, Shutdown/Turnaround/Outages, and Environmental sectors.
  • Includes industry-leading estimating, cost-modeling and benchmarking functionality, providing accuracy, integration and complete project visibility.
  • Sets the standard for accuracy, performance and multi-user collaboration throughout the estimating process.

Benefits of InEight Estimate

Benchmark Against Historical Performance

Use an innovative benchmarking option that proactively risk-ranks estimates based on as-built data from similar past projects. Streamline estimate reviews by instantly spotting variances from previous performances. Centralize estimates and as-built data in cost libraries to create more accurate templates and reduce the time spent creating new estimates. Reference previous estimates by activity, resource type, location, geography, discipline or work package.

Link to Scheduling, Takeoff and Accounting Solutions

Direct integration with spreadsheet software allows users to leverage existing custom calculations to build more accurate estimates. This integration also facilitates the flow of takeoff quantities and data from outside vendors. When values are updated in a spreadsheet workbook, InEight Estimate detects the change and updates the cost model with new quantities and costs. Spreadsheet workbooks are stored in the InEight Estimate database for unified data and version control.

Standardize WBS

Create standard template projects with similar work types to establish a common work breakdown structure (WBS). Apply cost and productivity by factors, including geography, labor rates, rental rates, wage zones, tax zones, resource production factors, equipment rates or craft types, on top of established work types, to create detailed cost estimates.

Estimate Top-Down or Bottom-Up

Quickly build conceptual estimates with high-level scope and norms data, or create a fully detailed estimate using a rich set of features and functionality to establish accurate resource rates, define crew compositions, establish productivity rates and factor production for job-specific reasons.


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