Full Backups are Critical for Sage 300 CRE Data

By Kyle Zeigler, Senior Certified Consultant

The saddest phone calls we receive are from companies that experience a catastrophic server failure, their Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data is unrecoverable, data-backup-recoveryand their backup method produces incremental backups.  We have had two of these cases so far this year.  One company, fortunately, had a File Tools backup from three weeks prior.

This company spent a long weekend entering missing data.  The other company spent over six months re-entering data that could not be recovered from their nightly incremental backups.

Full backups are always recommended.  Incremental backups are not advised or recommended and may result in incomplete data files if these backups need to be restored for any reason.

Backup best practices cannot be stressed enough.  You never know when disaster may strike your server or your data!

The critical Sage 300 CRE files to back up are:

Timberline Office 9.5 folder – This folder contains security files, reports, report menus, inquiries, dictionaries and possibly payroll tax files. This folder should be backed up every time data files are backed up.  Depending on your server operating system, this folder is located at:

  • \\[server name]\Timberline Office

 Company Folders:

Your company folder (data files) can be placed anywhere on your system that is local to the pervasive engine. If you are unsure of the location of these data files, contact your system administration or if you are an application administrator within Timberline, you can view the path to the company folder in the Select Company window if the company folder has been added to Security Administration.  Company Folders should be backed up at least daily.

Other File Locations:

If you are storing custom reports or payroll tax files in location other than those indicated above, you should either move those files under one of the locations above or make sure that you are backing up those locations as well.

Need help backing up your Timberline data? Call Carolyn at 480-823-8300, and she will help you schedule a Sage Certified Consultant to protect your company from disaster!