Five Reasons to Adopt Cloud Technology in Construction

You’ll love the low cost and high return!

For years we have seen firsthand the benefits construction companies realize from adopting cloud technologies. And over the years, we keep adding more cloud (and mobile solutions). Still not convinced you should invest in your company’s future? Here are five benefits of cloud technology that your company can realize with very little up-front pain and expense.


For decades we’ve been hearing of the benefits of integrated accounting, financial, and operational applications. Efficiency is usually mentioned as the main benefit along with greater project visibility and control. Cloud technologies extend the benefits of integration into the field, home office, airplane, or even onto the beach.

The cross-platform capabilities of the Cloud integrate field operations with the back office and allow everyone to be on the same page regardless of their iPad, Android, Mac or Windows device. New technologies at the cloud server level also facilitate integration with CRM and other applications that go beyond the usual third-party vendor offerings such as Swizznet hosting and WorkMax (remote time tracking) from AboutTime.

Sage is onboard the cloud bandwagon with a plethora of cloud offerings, including Sage Construction Project Center, Bid Management, Service Operations, plus a new mobility suite.


Cloud technology increases efficiency in all departments of construction and real estate companies. The primary driver of increased efficiency is greatly expanded access. Employees are more productive with faster response times and remote access. More people have access to company data and action can be taken more quickly.

Operational efficiencies, particularly in the IT department result from outsourcing IT infrastructure to the Cloud. Hosting services like Swizznet reduce the initial investment in IT, total cost of ownership (TCO) and IT headaches. IT staff are freed from countless infrastructure problems, updates and fixes. New applications are implemented more rapidly and at lower cost. IT can more productively use their time on initiatives directly supporting company objectives.


Today’s construction environment demands that companies respond and adapt quickly. Planning for IT requirements 3-5 years in the future can be wasteful and futile as conditions change. Rapid, inexpensive, turnkey application implementation is facilitated by cloud hosting services such as Swizznet. The speed of implementation and scalability of Swizznet’s IT infrastructure fit today’s rapidly changing construction industry. Aging, on-site construction applications also get new life in the cloud!


Collaboration between internal and external project constituents is made easier with cloud-based technologies. New field applications to manage projects and personnel help to link the on-site management to off-site owners, vendors, architects and subcontractors, as well as HR and accounting departments. Hosting existing applications promotes collaboration with anytime, anywhere access for single and multi-site operations.


Recently, a design-build company owner ran into his burning building to rescue his server. Emerging from the building unhurt with the company’s data in hand, his rescue mission ultimately failed when his IT manager later scrubbed the server and took the tapes.

The fact is that data is more secure and access is more reliable in the cloud than on-site. Controlled physical and virtual access, disaster recovery, redundant backups and 99.5% up-time mean there is no safer place to park your company’s critical data and to safeguard its future.

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