hh2 Remote Payroll Webinar

September 5, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Joanie Hollabaugh

It’s time to move your time entry to the cloud!

Join LAI and hh2 in this hour-long, live session to learn how to ditch obsolete pen & paper or excel spreadsheets and make time keeping accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any connected device (phone, tablet, etc.).

Integrates with both Sage 300 CRE and SAge 100 CON

hh2 Remote Payroll streamlines and automates gathering, approving, and reporting job costed payroll data from remote job sites while syncing seamlessly with your Sage 300 CRE or Sage 100 CON accounting system. In addition to hh2 Remote Payroll, we will be covering reporting from the field and collecting your pay stubs.

hh2 Remote Payroll was created from the ground up as a cloud-based solution and has been tackling almost every conceivable problem that you could encounter from the field for over 14 years.