Core Cloud Systems from TimberScan

November 14, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Joanie Hollabaugh

Mobility for Sage 100 CON and Sage 300 CRE

Core Cloud Systems (CCS) gives businesses complete control over dedicated information streams for a connected, more convenient data management experience. With this single system you can:

  • Design business forms
  • Collect employee or contractor data
  • Create customized portals
  • Analyze financial data, and more!

Available modules

CCS, from Core Associates, lets you build and deploy custom form applications and more, all from a single platform. An easy to use wizard walks you through it, plus it has seven solutions pre-built to get you going, including:

  • CCS Daily is a solution for submitting and collecting daily production reports.
  • CCS Time is a time management solution for tracking hours worked.
  • CCS Credit Card is a credit card reconciliation solution for balancing paid and outstanding credit charges.
  • CCS PO is a purchase order management module for producing and tracking work order documentation.
  • CCS Inv-Control is an inventory control module that alerts users to excess or low-level stock thresholds.CCS Bid lets you track bid submittal progress from start to finish in a single, mobile module.
  • CCS Sub is a subcontractor portal that allows organizations to standardize how they collaborate with vendors using powerful, custom controls.

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