Epic Battle of the Powers: Sage Estimating

Sage Standard versus Extended Estimating

Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your Sage Estimating software and not sure what the key differences are? While Sage’s Standard and Extended versions share more “super strengths” than not – there are a few core functionalities that are quite different when you go “mano a mano!”

Luckily for you, LAI’s Tony Merry is proficient in both, and can explain which is right for your company. For example, Standard allows for only one user-defined WBS (work breakdown structure) code, and Extended allows for up to 40 user-defined WBS codes. That is a fabulous feature if you need that type of complexity and flexibility in your estimates!

Another distinction between versions is if you do estimating projects that need imperial/metric conversion or vice versa. You can always do that outside of the software, but why create extra work, expense, and increase the opportunities for error?

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