Decluttering your views in Sage 100 Contractor

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

Limit your view to what’s relevant to you

Use Inactive Records, Job Level Security, and Screen Defaults to filter your view

Sometimes seeing every record is just too much! Inactive GL accounts, Cost Codes, Vendors and other records often need to be “kept” in the data past their usefulness, and sometimes they are accidentally used after they should be discontinued. For Project Managers, seeing everyone else’s jobs and associated records is just time consuming clutter. And every screen has fields and columns that are not useful to you. Here are three solutions that will cut down the ‘noise’ in Sage 100 CON.


These records will no longer appear in the lookup windows, or be otherwise available.

  • To tag a record as inactive (example: General ledger Account)
    • Find the record in the menu where it is set up (Example – menu item 1-7 for a General Ledger Account, menu item 4-4 for a Vendor, etc.
    • At the top of the screen, note: EDIT>Inactive Record
    • Click on “inactive record”

The record still exists, but will no longer be available for use, or visible in lookup windows. This is useful when an account is no longer useful, but cannot be deleted because it is still “attached” to records. Inactivating the record keeps future unintended use from delaying the final deletion of a record.

Tag a record in a GRID as INACTIVE (example: Cost Codes)

Some records are stored in a GRID — to inactivate these, open the grid (in the example of Cost Codes, this is the menu item 6-5). Note the “Inactive” column on the far right hand side of the grid.

  • Enter “Yes” to inactivate the record.

Limit the jobs and associated records visible using JOB LEVEL SECURITY

Limiting the visible records to certain projects can make every entry and query more efficient. Determine users that will be subject to Job Level Security. This is done at Menu Option 7-2-2 (Utilities>Company Security>User List.) Note the column to assign users to be “subject to job security” on the far right.

  • Assign users to jobs
    • This is done in the Job Set screen (menu option 3-5.) Note the “Job Access” list; assign up to five subject users per job
    • Users that are subject to Job Level Security will see only records associated with jobs they are assigned to
    • Users that are not subject to Job Level Security will continue to see all records

CUSTOMIZE fields and grids to remove clutter

Almost every grid can be customized to hide unused columns and resize to better fit the screen.

  • RIGHT CLICK in the grid to see the options available.
    • After changing the grid settings, remember to RIGHT CLICK one more time, and select “Save Current Grid View.”
  • Individual Fields in a screen can be “skipped” using the F7 key and setting the field properties. Skipped fields are grayed out and skipped during entry
  • The fields can even be renamed with a period so that their names are not distracting during entry

These solutions are so easy, and will make every lookup and entry so much simpler. Best of all, they are FREE!


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