Custom Reports and Forms in Sage 100 CON — Save as Shared, Private, or Company?

Using these options will take your reporting options to the next level!

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

One of the options when saving a Custom Report or Form Design in Sage 100 Contractor, is whether to save as a Shared, Private, or Company file. Each option has a different function and benefit including accessibility, security, searchability, and customization.

Know the differences and impacts of each!


Shared reports

This is the most common choice. All users will have access to the report or form (subject to security). If there are no special circumstances causing you to use another method, this is the best choice.

Private report

Only the user creating the report or form will have access to this report. If an identically named report or form exists as a SHARED form, the private version will override it for that user. This option must be used with great care, as you might imagine since different users can actually have different versions of a report or form. In the last update, Sage has included a designation in a report menu name for the category of the report (Shared, Private, Company-Specific.)

Company-specific report

This option is handy for multi-company setups where different forms (usually logos) are needed. The company specific forms and reports are available only when logged into the specified company.

Until recently this could be confusing and quite elusive to find since it was possible to have a private report and a shared report with the same file name. Note the report type designation below in the printing menu. (If you do not see this, you need to update to a current version of Sage 100 CON.)



Determining whether a Private, Shared or Company FORM DESIGN is being used can be a little trickier. If you “Edit Form Design” and then SAVE, a design that has previously been saved will typically default to the same type as the original save. (Sometimes determining the issue may involve finding the files through Windows Explorer or My Computer.)

Saved locations

  • Shared Report Forms are saved under Sage100Con/Common/Report Forms
  • Private Report Forms are saved under Sage100Con/Common/User Data; each user then has a folder with their custom files
  • Company Specific Report Forms are saved under Sage100Con/Company/(your company)/Files.You may need to manually delete forms that have been saved erroneously.

These options, used properly, can make reporting even easier than before – company logos being only one example. Just remember to use with care, based on the hierarchy:

  • Shared options are the first “default”
  • These are over-ridden by Company Specific options
  • Private options are the final override for a particular user

Get more from your Sage 100 Contractor software by using simple options in the Report Writer and Form Designer. Both allow full customization of Forms and Reports using text, fields and SQL queries.

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