CRM for Construction Recovery and Growth

Changing Course

When the economy was great, construction companies didn’t really need marketing, sales, or business development staff. Business was pouring in and keeping on top of budgets, timelines, and changing-courseprofitability drove most business decisions. Then, of course, the recession hit and the construction boom, as we knew it, ended.

Now, as the economy slowly recovers, there’s a new normal for (re-)building business. We are much pickier about projects we take on, and we’re far more risk-adverse. We need MORE information about prospects, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, and job history to invest in new business. And where does this information currently exist? Honestly, it probably doesn’t.

In fact, your entire electronic rolodex may exist in Outlook profiles on your employees’ local drives. Or even more likely, your business relationships are saved on individual spreadsheets (and the bigger your company, the more spreadsheets), that are siloed within the company — with no visibility, accountability, or actionable business processes.

Perhaps it’s time to change the OLD”spreadsheet mindset” and build NEW company assets aligned with revenue growth; time to change from static data to a performance solution.

How to Start with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Let’s assume your construction company is now stable enough to focus on building new business. You may have been thinking you need to hire a marketing or sales person, or perhaps a business development manager. Maybe it’s even YOU who finally has the momentum to rise up from the recession abyss and reconnect with partners, friends, and acquaintances. And of course, the best way to rebuild sales is to revisit your relationships.

You’ll need a system that organizes all the entities and assets, sets tasks and appointments, nurtures and informs, and records historical activities for future opportunities. You are ready – for Sage CRM.

What Sage CRM Does

“CRM” defined for construction, is primarily a standardized solution for managing interactions with prospects, suppliers, subcontractors and customers. In other words, it’s a tool to organize, track, and manage all your activities with key people. It keeps all your data in one place, so you can keep consistent, up-to-date information.

Sage CRM also gives you visibility into marketing and sales performance metrics for getting new business. With dashboards and reports, it will show you leads and opportunities, conversions and pipelines. CRM provides business intelligence on what business you won or lost – and WHY.

Bids, Subs, and Service

Keeping track of bids and the bidding process can be difficult, and working with unique terms and unique projects makes it even more complex! As a “business development” tool, CRM streamlines the management of quotes, estimates, bid opportunities, competition, and team communications. Creating workflows within the system ensures all the information is complete to win the bid, and communicate the project lifecycle.

Customer Satisfaction

“C-Sat” for short, is often the make-or-break indicator for a company’s success. Poor customer service due to inconsistent information or unresolved issues can destroy a construction company’s reputation. Customers demand accountability in today’s competitive market. A great CRM system not only allow rapid response, follow up and resolution – it can also maximize service revenue.

Balancing technicians’ workflows and matching skill sets with service requests can make a critical difference – and a competitive differentiator.

Meet Adam Melrose, CRM Connoisseur

Are you ready to learn more? Ledgerwood Associates, Inc. just brought CRM and ERP specialist, Adam Melrose, on board to help you explore the growth possibilities for your construction company.

Adam is a native Arizonan, and has resided in Cave Creek resident since 1997 with his wife Susan, two sons, and a very spoiled dog named Princess. Adam is an avid hiker, skier and coal fired/wood smoked BBQ foodie.

An ASU graduate with a B2B & B2E technology sales background in solution selling, he helps businesses drive revenue and work smarter. His repertoire includes SaaS & On-Premise Business Solutions Salesforce, Sage CRM, Saleslogix and ACT! Premium.

At Ledgerwood Associates, Inc. Adam will head up the Sage CRM and Sage X3 sales solutions. Contact Adam by email, or call 480.423.8300.




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