Creating a Data Folder For Testing

The Workaround for Testing

A Sage 300 CRE client asked us: “I would like to test out some software features that I have not previously used. I don’t want to affect my live data with my testing. Is there a way I can create a test copy of my data folder?”test-folder

Why yes, client; yes there is! You can create a test data folder by copying files to a newly created test data folder in…

Seven Easy Steps

  1. Use File > New Data Folder to set up a new folder for testing.
  2. In the Company name box, type the new name of your test data folder.(Hint: If you preface the name with Z or X, the test data folder will appear at the bottom of your Open Company selection list.)
  3. Click [OK].
  4. Use File Tools (Tools > File Tools) to copy the data from your live data folder into the new folder. When using File Tools, first choose the option to Copy and then choose Add Files instead of Add Folder.  The files to copy will be those with file types associated with the Sage applications installed (AP, AR, BL, CN, CM, EQ, GL, JC, PR).  Do not copy the Ts.ctl or Master.qym files from the live data folder to the new test folder. You also might skip any History files to save disk space. For more information on how to use File Tools to copy files, refer to Help topics.
  5. Add your new test data folder to the list of data folders available to open (File > Open Company). For more information on adding a data folder to the list of available folders, refer to Help topics.
  6. Open the newly created test data folder and verify that the settings are correct. For example, verify formatting, posting settings, file locations, and named files.
  7. Remove file locations so you do not inadvertently affect live data files with changes you make in the test data folder as follows:
      • In the test data folder, from the File menu, select Company Settings > File Locations.
      • In the File Locations window, clear any network paths in the Data Folder box.
      • Click [OK].

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