CRE sneak peaks at Sage Summit in Atlanta

Big news for Sage Construction and Real Estate

Do you want a really good reason to attend Sage Summit this year? Sage will be announcing MAJOR Construction and Real Estate software updates, releases, and new products — many of which will be demonstrated at Summit in Atlanta! And even more amazing – there’s something new and/or improved for everyone! And they’re ALL coming this summer.

Sage 100 CON V-20

Sage 100 Contractor has been updated to Version 20, including a migration to SQL. Unfortunately, there has been talk of no longer supporting the previous database, so if you want updates and upgrades to continue – you MUST update your version to V-20 and the SQL database. We have written a separate article to address some issues, below (Migration article immediately following).

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate V-17.1

Sage 300 CRE Version 17.1 will also feature SIGNIFICANT changes, with a ‘controlled’ release scheduled for June 1- 30th. That means they will work out the bugs with some key clients, and will announce a ‘general’ release later in the year. We can tell you that the changes will include a first phase for SQL replication, and foundation code for the promised suite of Mobility tools.

Sage Construction Project Center V-7.5.6

Sage Construction Project Center is getting a new GUI (graphical user interface) and an enhanced UX (user experience). Navigation will be cleaner and more modern!

Sage Estimating

Estimating is getting a COMPLETE overhaul, with the careful direction of creating a path to BIM. There will be a “Core” version, and an upgraded version as well. Look for the launch at the end of May.

Going to the TUG Conference instead?

No worries, LAI will get the scoop on product development and launches and share it with you when we get back!