Change is the only constant for Sage 300 CRE

by Kyle Zeigler, Sage Senior Certified Consultant

“Change is the only constant” — the ancient philosopher Heraclitus wasn’t referring to Sage 300 CRE when he voiced this around 500 BC, but he may as well have been. In case you haven’t heard, Sage is “re-architecting” Sage 300 CRE. Developers have already begun preparing the software for the long-awaited move from a Pervasive database platform to a Microsoft SQL database platform. While this four-year transition to SQL is applauded by many, it’s unsettling to some. Information about what is changing in the software — and how users can prepare and adapt — will be key over the next several years.

Desktop gets a new GUI (graphical user interface)

The first changes in the software are evident in version 16.1 with the new look and feel of Desktop. Gone is the directory-style layout of folders and subfolders. The more modern and more user-friendly layout incorporates Applications and Favorites with nested links. Also, multiple Home Pages (reports, websites, etc.) can be open at once and refreshed on demand (no more waiting for a Home Page to load when you first log into Desktop).

Even bigger changes are available in version 17.1 with the option to begin replicating Sage 300 CRE data in SQL. This feature affords users access to exciting new mobility applications, such as Mobile Projects for managing field reports and RFIs from a smartphone or tablet — and more mobility features are in the works. The SQL data replication process is the first phase of a whole new level of reporting capabilities, too, laying the groundwork for faster, more complex reports throughout the system.

Users who are traditional TS Main users are encouraged to become comfortable working in Desktop beginning at least with version 16.1. TS Main is still accessible in this version, but only from within Desktop. Regarding version 17.1 — it’s still there, just harder to access (more on that later). Eventually, TS Main will be entirely removed!

Before installing any Sage 300 CRE version upgrade, it’s best to review the Release Notes that explain in detail the changes that come with the new version. To access the Release Notes for version 16.1, click HERE.

Remember, Sage only issues a year-end update for the latest two versions of Sage 300 CRE, which will be versions 16.1 and 17.1 this year. If you need assistance upgrading to one of these versions, it’s best to schedule your upgrade long before December (the earlier, the better). If you’d like, your Ledgerwood Associates consultant can also provide training in the use of the new Desktop following the upgrade. Also remember, change is inevitable; stress is optional.

If you would like help upgrading or training on the new Desktop, please contact Ledgerwood Associates at 480-423-8300 or click below!