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Help for Upgrading to Sage 100 Contractor V 20

Don’t stress! Bookmark this page for help upgrading to Sage 100 Contractor V 20. We will continue to update it with new information as we get it from Sage, plus links to LAI blogs written by Sage Certified Consultants.

Clean UP for Sage 100 Contractor V20 UPgrade

A little clean up and organization can go a long way towards a smoother upgrade to Sage 100 CON V20! Here’s step-by-step help from LAI’s Certified Consultant.

LAI Clients: Resources for Sage 300 CRE Upgrade to Version 13.1

Ledgerwood Associates grabbed all of the Sage 13.1 Release Documents for you, in one neat bundle.

10 Critical Upgrade Mistakes

If your company is considering launching the New Year with shiny, upgraded Sage 300CRE software (formerly Timberline Office) —now is the time to start for a successful deployment! And to […]

Smooth Sailing for Upgrading Sage 300 CRE

Version 12.1 contains some significant changes to the data structure which were further enhanced in version 13.1, and Sage recommends that customers bypass 12.1 and upgrade directly to 13.1.

Sage Puts Final Touches on Timberline Office Release 9.8

Sage Timberline Office is gearing up for its Version 9.8 Release (scheduled availability, Fall 2011). The release includes enhancements for CC management, 70+ HR forms, and more.

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End of summer = New Sage Timberline Office Enhancements!

Summers’ end will see some nice improvements for Sage Timberline Office. New features will allow greater flexibility and improved integration features.

Timberline Reports Look Cleaner in 9.6

In version 9.6 of Timberline Software, the default reports have larger and cleaner-looking fonts. Many have also changed to a landscape orientation instead of traditional portrait.

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