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10 Critical Upgrade Mistakes, Plus a Few Tips

Great tips from via TechRepublic’s list of “10 critical ERP upgrade mistakes” plus three more from #LAI consultants!

Smooth Sailing for Upgrading Sage 300 CRE

Version 12.1 contains some significant changes to the data structure which were further enhanced in version 13.1, and Sage recommends that customers bypass 12.1 and upgrade directly to 13.1.

Ten Common Estimating Spreadsheet Errors

“I’ve got good news and bad news,” your estimator says. “The bad news is we got the bid.”  “Then, what’s the good news?” you say. “We’ll only lose $10,000 on […]


Sage Timberline Office 9.8 Release Training

Client Skill Savor Luncheon Sage Timberline Office 9.8 Release Training Who: If you are looking to stay up-to-date on Sage Timberline Office, here’s an opportunity to sharpen your skills while […]

Sage Puts Final Touches on Timberline Office Release 9.8

Sage Timberline Office is gearing up for its Version 9.8 Release (scheduled availability, Fall 2011). The release includes enhancements for CC management, 70+ HR forms, and more.

Sage Timberline Office NEW RELEASE Coming Soon!

Expect some great new features this Spring for Sage Timberline Office in the spring.  These additions will make your day-to-day ops smoother. This spring you’ll get: 1.  Improved electronic routing. 2.  To […]

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