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Are you getting the most out of your software?

Training Are you aware of all of your software’s capabilities?  The underutilization of information systems is a growing problem that seriously hits businesses hard. One of the frequent comments heard […]

Smooth Sailing for Upgrading Sage 300 CRE

Version 12.1 contains some significant changes to the data structure which were further enhanced in version 13.1, and Sage recommends that customers bypass 12.1 and upgrade directly to 13.1.

How to Prepare for this Year’s Upgrade

Sage typically releases the latest version of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Timberline) at the end of the year, right when the accounting personnel of many companies are gearing up for closing the year, preparing tax filings, and surviving audits.

9.6 Jerkin’ Your Chain? Here’s How To Make It Comply!

Accounts Payable The Problem: The exempt, on-hold and join check status no longer displays in Enter Invoices or Change Invoices What You Really Need To Know: Sage Timberline knows about […]


Separate Timberline 9.6 & Maxwell Estimation

Timberline’s new version 9.6 doesn’t share common application files with Maxwell Systems Estimation.  Don’t put these 2 applications on the same computer until both software companies figure a way to resolve the problem.  Programmers at Maxwell […]

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