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Automated Workflows for Contractor Accounting Software

With an automated workflow, the processes in the Sage 300 CRE AP workflow can be substantially shortened – thus getting more efficient use out of your construction accounting software.

Selecting Accounting Software – Critical to your Company’s Success

Is your current construction accounting software solution growing in parallel with your company? Perhaps it has the capabilities to expand as you grow, but you are not utilizing it to its full potential.

Don’t Under Estimate: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling (BIM) has been around for about 40 years now. Yes! You read that right – 40 years. Though in the 1970s when the concept was developed, BIM […]

3 Ways to Stay Lean with Mobile

Using technology to improve productivity and reduce costs is an effective strategy to stay lean as your business grows. By using mobile phones and tablet devices to collect timecard data in the field, your company can realize immediate benefits.

Does New Technology Increase Productivity…It’s Up to You!

How technology increases productivity People associated with IT for 25 years or more have seen numerous changes in the technology. Innovations like tablets, social networking, and ever-evolving apps have changed […]

How to Control Construction Project Costs

Every construction company owner and CEO knows that controlling costs and managing their people are keys to profitability. Ready access to financial and operational information are the foundation of effective […]

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