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January 2015 Newsletter

Looking Backward and Forward at LAI

The New Year is that juxtaposition in time; a momentary suspension when you are looking back and forward at the same time. What have we learned upon reflection of the past twelve months? What will we resolve not to do in the New Year? What was planned, what was unexpected, what was serendipitous or unfortunate?


December 2014 Newsletter

The recovery for the Construction industry has been “cautiously optimistic” for the last three years. Do you believe the recession is truly over? Is the very gradual increase in Construction starts a true indicator of how bad things are, despite optimistic predictions? Or is it a deliberately crafted conservative industry strategy — to create a slow and deliberate progression towards construction stability?


November 2014 Newsletter

In this edition of the LAI monthly newsletter we are unveiling the newest “Sage-y Bunch” of solutions you need to take your Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 CRE to the next level of performance.
In a nutshell, Sage’s newest Bunch: Sage Billing and Payment Solutions | Sage CRM | eTakeoff | IFS Core | Paperless Environment


October 2014 Newsletter

‘Mise en Place’ your Year End! (Mise en Place is a French phrase which means “putting in place”, as in set up. It is used in professional kitchens to refer […]


September 2014 Newsletter

We’ve done your homework for you! As technology advances, software solution choices multiply exponentially. From the construction industry viewpoint, which is generally conservative, you want information before investing in the latest soft or hardware!


August 2014 Newsletter

We just got back from a LONG week at Sage Summit 2014 in Las Vegas. Couldn’t make it? No worries, this year Sage is webcasting keynote speakers and two days’ worth of highlights.


July 2014 Newsletter

“How Many Project Processes Can You Share Instantly?” If you’re thinking cloud, mobile, global – you’re ready to improve your construction company’s information flow between the jobsite and office. A […]


June 2014 Newsletter

  “Aahh! It’s finally here.” Bike rides and beaches, sweet summer corn and drip-down-your-chin peaches. Sun burns and itchy bug bites, family picnics and water balloon fights. Lemonade, iced tea, […]


May 2014 Newsletter

“It’s Inside EVERY Box of Sage 100 and Sage 300 CRE!” Are you looking for a LEAN Construction software solution? Do you know that both Sage 100 Contractor (MasterBuilder) and […]


April 2014 Newsletter

April Newsletter: Tech Day 2014 “Weathering the Project Lifecycle” | New LAI event calendar | 7 types of Risk Management | Construction Software and Accounting Tips + Tricks

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