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What’s SEXY in Sage 300 CRE Version 15.1?

Ledgerwood’s Tony Merry names the two sexiest new upgrades in S300CRE Version15.1 – MyAssistant (with Spreadsheet Designer!) and Job Cost (new GUI and UX).

Keep Your Project Above Water — Proactively Manage Your Profit

Once you have identified the reason for your profit starting to sink, you can make adjustments. Be sure to track these adjustments so (a) you know if your actions are effective, and (b) for historical value in future construction project estimating.

Automated Workflows for Contractor Accounting Software

With an automated workflow, the processes in the Sage 300 CRE AP workflow can be substantially shortened – thus getting more efficient use out of your construction accounting software.

Productive Use of Your Construction Accounting Software

Your company has invested in some very powerful construction software, but are you really more productive using it? We invest a lot of capital and time in purchasing and learning […]

Don’t Under Estimate: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling (BIM) has been around for about 40 years now. Yes! You read that right – 40 years. Though in the 1970s when the concept was developed, BIM […]

How to Control Construction Project Costs

Every construction company owner and CEO knows that controlling costs and managing their people are keys to profitability. Ready access to financial and operational information are the foundation of effective […]

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Save Time in AP with Recurring Invoices

Manage Your Payables Overlooked or delayed payables entries can mean incomplete or inaccurate job cost and general ledger information. The Recurring Invoices option in AP is a great way to […]

Mobile Technology is a Game Changer for Construction

Adapted from an article published at  March 28, 2012 Mobile technology is a game changer for the construction industry, which relies on communication and collaboration among many invested parties […]

How Collaboration and the Right Software Help Smaller Construction Companies Compete

“Bottom line – Ledgerwood Associates and Sage Timberline Office gave us power we didn’t have before and put us on a par with larger companies.” David Waltham, President, Coyote Development […]

Ten Common Estimating Spreadsheet Errors

“I’ve got good news and bad news,” your estimator says. “The bad news is we got the bid.”  “Then, what’s the good news?” you say. “We’ll only lose $10,000 on […]

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