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new Sage software version

Announcing Sage Estimating SQL Version 18.11

Released August, 2018: Sage SQL Estimating Version 18.11 featuring enhancements and fixes including metric unit conversion, improved spreadsheet layouts and more!

default menu

How to set default values in Sage SQL Estimating

Three easy steps! by Renee Mullen, Sage Marketing Manager When doing takeoffs, have you ever wished that the location or other WBS values would automatically be assigned to items? Sage […]

server to SQL backup Sage Estimating

Built-in ‘backup and restore’ in Sage Estimating V.20

Did you know that Sage Estimating V.20 now has a built in feature to backup and restore your data? That’s really handy when you need to migrate your SQL data from one to another SQL server (or instance).

i love SQL

How to set up a test environment for SQL Estimating

At some point in time, it might be appropriate for your business to have two separate configurations for your users: one for production, and the other for testing. How to in Sage SQL Estimating.

laptop blueprints

How to add alternates in the NEW RELEASE of Sage Estimating v17.11

Defining ‘Alternates’ in #SageEstimating V.17.11 enables you to prepare Estimates that vary according to your customers’ preferences for materials, quality and price.

software out of the box

Biggest Sage Estimating release in a decade!

Sage Estimating has been repackaged, including new functionality and modernized deployment—evolving and innovating to meet the demands of customers and the market.

catch more Sage estimates

Estimators: Improve your bid-hit ratio via Sage CRE

Estimating is like fishing – sometimes you need to change your strategy: 5 ways from Sage Construction and Real Estate to improve your estimating strategy to get more bites, more often!


Why America’s Infrastructure is Failing

What is happening to America’s infrastructure? The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives it a D+! Who will fix it and who will pay for it?

spreadsheet columns

Changing the spreadsheet layout in Sage Estimating

Have you ever wanted to make changes to your #SageEstimating spreadsheet or reports? Here’s a few ways you can move or change columns to fit your needs!

Godzilla versus King Kong

Epic Battle of the Powers: Sage Estimating

Sage Standard versus Extended Estimating Wondering if it’s time to upgrade your Sage Estimating software and not sure what the key differences are? While Sage’s Standard and Extended versions share […]

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