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Keep Your Project Above Water — Proactively Manage Your Profit

Once you have identified the reason for your profit starting to sink, you can make adjustments. Be sure to track these adjustments so (a) you know if your actions are effective, and (b) for historical value in future construction project estimating.

Don’t Under Estimate: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling (BIM) has been around for about 40 years now. Yes! You read that right – 40 years. Though in the 1970s when the concept was developed, BIM […]

How to Win Bids that Result in Profitable Jobs

Does this sound like you? “We are having a hard time winning bids that result in profitable jobs.  We can win short-term business by low-balling it, but we cannot survive […]


Finding a Timberline Estimating Database

A Sage Timberline Estimating database is made up of several files. This is important to remember if you are planning on moving or copying the database to a different location. It is better that you use Timberline’s File Tools application to move or copy it instead of Windows Explorer.

Recent Sage Timberline Estimating Upgrades — Are you using them?

Upgrade individual estimating files on the fly; create new assemblies by copying, streamline RFQs and buy-outs, and more!

Timberline’s New Advanced Assemblies Databases Speed-Up Software Usability

Ninety five percent of the assemblies support both “man-hour,” and “unit-pricing,” estimating. You can take off self-performed and sub-contract work. It makes it easy to produce “quantity,” and well as “bill of materials.” Included are Work Breakdown Codes (WBS) for every construction trade.

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