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ConExpo/AGG 2014 – It’s a BIG A$$ Show!

It only happens every three years that the construction world converges at CONEXPO-CON/AGG,  but when it does – its a big, BIG show.  This year, 2014, there are approximately 2,400 […]

Don’t Under Estimate: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modeling (BIM) has been around for about 40 years now. Yes! You read that right – 40 years. Though in the 1970s when the concept was developed, BIM […]

AGC-NM Best Buildings 2012 Announced

AGC-NM Building Branch is proud to announce the award recipients for Best Buildings 2012.  The celebration took place on March 23rd at Sandia Resort & Casino and honored outstanding achievements […]

How Collaboration and the Right Software Help Smaller Construction Companies Compete

“Bottom line – Ledgerwood Associates and Sage Timberline Office gave us power we didn’t have before and put us on a par with larger companies.” David Waltham, President, Coyote Development […]

Arizona Stimulus Jobs Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!!!

In the coming weeks you can expect the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT, to put up for bid the last seven American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus projects. At […]

It only takes one bad Estimate to break you…

It’s every Estimator’s nightmare. Getting it SO wrong it bankrupts the company.  It doesn’t happen often but we’ve all heard stories about Contractors who are forced to rebuild from their […]


Pssstt…did you hear Timberline enhanced is on its way?

“Run a tight ship” is one of the oldest sayings out there – yet it has never been more appropriate. In today’s economic climate the leaner & meaner  you are, […]

I love Timberline! My boss loves spreadsheets! Can you help?

Why yes. Yes we can help! As a matter of fact, we recently spoke with a controller who wanted to use Timberline Office Accounting Software but was afraid she’d never […]

No more filing cabinets, no more paper invoices…REALLY!!!

No more filing cabinets, no more paper invoices…REALLY!!! Have you spent hours, even days searching for a document your boss needed three days ago? Remember how frustrating that search was?  […]

Need a quicker, better, faster way to pay your invoices?

Then smile because we’ve got just the thing!  Timberscan can quickly and easily automate your approvals and AP data entry.  Here’s how it works… It scans the invoice and automatically […]

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