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“The Inherent Risks of Cloud Security – Out of Sight and Out of Mind?”

Joe Granneman, Ledgerwood Associates’ Keynote Speaker on Tech Day last April, is a computer security specialist who helps the FBI with security issues — in addition to his day job! […]

Five Ways to Use an iPad at the Construction Site

It’s no surprise that when the Engineering News Record polled its readers last year, Apple’s iPad and iPhone were among the top 10 technology and software products contractors are interested in using most.


What is the Future of Construction? Hint: Find Out on Technology Day!

  There’s currently a paradigm shift in confidence regarding the state of the construction industry, in my humble opinion. With the subtle rise in construction starts, there seems to be […]

3 Ways to Stay Lean with Mobile

Using technology to improve productivity and reduce costs is an effective strategy to stay lean as your business grows. By using mobile phones and tablet devices to collect timecard data in the field, your company can realize immediate benefits.

“Time” and “Project Files” Add Power to Sage Construction Cloud

Sage Construction and Real Estate recently announced that two critical Cloud features are being added to Sage Construction Anywhere (SCA) – Time and Project Files.

5 CRM reasons

Five Reasons to Adopt Cloud Technology in Construction

Five benefits of cloud technology that your construction company can realize with very little up-front pain and expense: integration, efficiency, agility, collaboration and security.

A Construction Cloud Strategy that Makes Sense

Adapted from “Cloud Computing and the Construction Industry” by Sage Construction and Real Estate Solutions The construction industry balances back office functions—billing, paying invoices, running financial reports, payroll, planning logistics—with […]

Sage Construction Anywhere to Get Remote Time Entry

You have repeatedly told us in surveys of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate users, (formerly Sage Timberline Office), that receiving timely and accurate time and attendance information from the […]

Should I Replace My System with a Cloud-based Application?

We’re Starting Over on the Cloud? Yikes! “Everyone is moving to the cloud,” you hear, and you are bombarded with arguments about why your construction accounting software should be cloud-based. […]

5 CRM reasons

5 Reasons to be the First on the Block

The other day I read an online article about how tablets would transform the construction industry. Dozens of people commented but I was surprised to find that most of the […]

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