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Stuck In Traffic? Construction The Cause? Smile! Here’s Why!

The next time your progress is impeded by  a roadside construction site instead of getting grumpy for the delay, remind yourself that its your stimulus dollars at work.  Arizona is […]

Economic Slide To End By Summer, S-L-O-W Comeback Predicted…

The Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona just released its summer issue compiled by Forecasting Project Director, Marshall J. Vest. Vest begins by stating, “The worst of […]

New Document Helps Contractors Comply With Government Jobs

There’s good reason many contractors do not wish to bid on government jobs – the litany of requirements and red tape can be overwhelming. But many are leaning toward the stimulus […]

Thought You Might Like To Know What They Were Saying About You…

I was drinking a decaf soy latte while doing some internet surfing this weekend (like I always do) in preparation for the coming workweek, when I came across a highly […]

Arizona Stimulus Jobs Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!!!

In the coming weeks you can expect the Arizona Department of Transportation, ADOT, to put up for bid the last seven American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus projects. At […]

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