Afraid to Upgrade to #Sage100CON V.20?

Dear Pam, I’m Afraid to Upgrade!

by Pam Schulz, Sage Certified Consultant

Ledgerwood’s Pam Schulz shares the concerns she hears from Sage 100 Contractor clients about the Version 20 release for Sage 100 Contractor, “Dear Abby” style! 

Dear Pam,

We were supposed to complete our upgrade next week. However, my IT person just let me know we need a new server! This was not in our time or money budget, and now our schedule will need to be pushed back. We had hoped to have this done before our busy season and now it will need to either happen in the middle of a busy time or be delayed until the fall. How could this happen?

Sounds like your IT company did not review the System Requirements at the beginning of your upgrade project. First, I am sorry this happened to you — a careful review of system requirements is ALWAYS a good idea before installing new software and upgrades.

To make sure your installation goes smoothly from here on, please make sure to have your IT people review the requirements available in the Knowledgebase article referenced below. These are not just “suggestions”! Your software may not run properly (or at all) if these requirements are not met.

Knowledgebase article ID 79790, available at

Dear Pam,

My IT people seem confused. They say they are experts in loading Sage products but they cannot seem to get anything to work. Help?

This is very important- not all Sage products are identical. Just like not all Chevys are Corvettes, right?

Obtain the most current Installation Guides, Database Administration Guide and License Administration Guides for Sage 100 Contractor. We are even going to make this REALLY EASY, AND FREE! Send an email to Carolyn Carter and request the “v20UPGRADERESOURCE” email. You will receive the up-to-date Guides (as a link or attachments), as well as other checklists and helpful information too lengthy for a newsletter. All this information is available on Sage websites, but this handy email will save you some time and energy.

This is too important for you to be anything less than super diligent! Even when loading upgrades of the same program it is wise to review release notes and other documentation.

If you need help with the installation, contact She may refer you directly to the Installation Specialists at Sage Tech Support or have a consultant contact you. (Note: If you call Sage Tech Support directly, have your customer ID# handy.)

Dear Pam,

We upgraded to Version 20 and now get error messages when running some of our custom reports. We migrated the reports using the Database Administrator, what else do we need to do?

The Sage canned reports and most custom reports (written within the Sage 100 Contractor program’s Report writer) upgrade with no further modifications. There are formulas that were allowed in the older program versions that will not work with the new, more structured SQL requirements. Most of these can be fixed with minor tweaks- sometimes adding or deleting extra spaces, sometimes adding language to formulas.

If you would like to have your reports checked and fixed quickly you can zip and send your Report Forms and Custom Reports folders in for a “Report Checkup.” For most clients, this takes around an hour. If you have a lot of reports or very complicated reports, it could take a little longer. If you have a single report that is not running, you can send that report file in to have it repaired as well (send the Form Design too- it may be the culprit).

Of course, the BEST time to do this is BEFORE you upgrade so that you are not surprised when a report does not run – at the worst possible moment. But, it can be done anytime, even after you have upgraded.

If you are still using version 19

  • Send your entire folder(s).
  • Locate the network drive where your Sage 100 Contractor data is stored.
  • Under the mb7 folder:
    • Right click on the “Report Forms” folder; press Send to>Compressed folder
    • Right click on the “Custom Reports” folder; press Send to>Compressed folder
  • You will see the zipped folders being created.

If you have already upgraded to version 20

  • Locate the drive on your server where your data is stored.
  • Under the Sage100Con/Common folder:
    • Right click on the “Report Forms” folder; press Send to>Compressed folder
    • Right click on the “Custom Reports” folder; press Send to>compressed folder
  • You will see the zipped folders being created.
  • To send individual reports, locate the report in the folders described above and send. (HINT: the report “name” is the 6 digit number representing the menu option where the report is run + the report # from that list. Example- a report run at option 3-1-2; report # 01 would be 03010201.)

Arrange to send files for either version

  • Contact
  • We will assign an expert to review and correct the designs.
  • If your files can be fixed within an hour, they will be fixed, sent back to you, and you will be billed for one hour. If the situation is more extensive and likely to take longer, we will give you an estimate of the time required and discuss options with you.

Dear Pam,

Why do we need to do a “trial convert” of the data? Can’t I simply re-index like we have done in the past? This seems like a lot of work!

Safety first — that’s my motto!

The “Migrate Company Data” function in the Database Administrator does an amazing job of converting your data. With each program release it gets better. This program checks the data and “fixes” most issues. But what if the fix is something you did not want? Case in point— a client had deleted cost codes in version 19, hoping to phase them out over time by not using them. They almost forgot all about them. The program, however, found records using these codes, and re-inserted the codes that had been deleted. Fortunately, this was discovered in a test conversion, so the client was able to locate those records and clean up the cost codes before the actual conversion.

What if the program does not fix your errors and you need some time to do it? Not everyone will encounter something like this, but it is good to know what could happen — before your back is against the wall and you only have 15 minutes to finish payroll and everyone is breathing down your neck and you hate everything. Allow yourself time in between the test and the live conversion.

Remember, your data is a valuable company asset!

Pam in closing:

It’s time to commit to upgrading to version 20! Sage has announced the end of updates to version 19, but just as important are all the good things in version 20. New features, better data integrity, and the benefits of SQL are reasons to be not only committed, but excited about your new software!

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