Add Sage Modules and Users, Not Headcount!

We’ve told you how using your software strategically is more efficient and LESS COSTLY THAN ADDING HEADCOUNT. Here’s an example of how adding Sage integration products is another route to savings and efficiency which our own Regional Sales Manager, Tony Merry, concocted for you:

Add 3 TimberScan Users *$4,795
Add 1 MyAssistant module $2500
Add 1 Create-A-Check module $950
Add 1 Office Connector module $1850
Total $8,645

*(Including installation, setup, training)

Tony estimates that adding this “bundle” of Sage modules is the EQUIVALENT OF ADDING 2 BACK OFFICE EMPLOYEES!  As a business owner or financial principal for the company, you know that you just saved two salaries totaling $80,000 ($40k each for this scenario), plus hiring costs, plus overhead. We can conservatively “guesstimate” that you just pocketed $71,355 while increasing efficiency, performance, and overall communication within the company!! Plus, LAI continually offers paid training and/or free resources on these modules to empower you to fully realize the potential of your investments.

So if you’ve been waiting to add Users or Modules –THE TIME IS NOW! Email Tony today; this will offer expire June 27th!

  • Purchase one User or Module and save 5%;
  • Purchase two save 10%;
  • buy 3 save 15%; and
  • buy four to save 20% off.

For those of you who regularly read our Monthly Newsletter or weekly email communication, you know that Sage only offers this special twice per year. To get advance notice of specials and training from Ledgerwood Associates sign up here.