AboutTime keeps timekeeping afloat

It’s always exciting to feature one of our integration partners’ successes! The following is a case study from AboutTime (a mobile time management software company) — about a Sage 300 CRE user who had  a “ship-load” of timekeeping problems.   

Company Profile

Eastern Shipbuilding Group | Panama City, FL | 1,800 Employees 

Eastern Shipbuilding Group’s original shipyard was established in 1976 to build commercial fishing boats. Mr. D’Isernia, the company’s founder, building on his passion for boats and the sea, diversified Eastern Shipbuilding hundy-ship
Group’s reputation from a fishing vessel shipyard into a shipyard for any type and any size of custom vessel request. Today, Eastern Shipbuilding Group’s history includes a portfolio of over 350 vessels and Eastern Shipbuilding Group is one of the most diverse vessel construction companies in North America. Eastern Shipbuilding Group has built everything from offshore supply vessels, tugs, inland towboats, a SWATH vessel, passenger vessels, and even passenger ferries. Their operation covers three shipyards and employs over 1,800 people. As one of today’s leading innovators in the marine industry, the sizable fleet of quality built Eastern Shipbuilding Group vessels can be found from coast to coast and around the world.

The Challenge

Managing employee time keeping and assigning the right cost codes for 1,800 employees across three shipyards was a challenge. It was a huge undertaking to track time for over a thousand employees with paper time cards. Tracking tasks with thousands of job codes was a manual, time-consuming and inaccurate process. Each task during the building process could have over a thousand cost codes per ship. This level of detail was needed for historical information, tracking progress, budgeting, planning and scheduling. A majority of the time, the supervisors and foremen allocated tasks to the corresponding job codes after the work was completed leading to inaccuracies and discrepancies in the labor data. In addition, the field supervisors and foreman employees were spending over an hour a day reviewing, approving and assigning job codes on the paper time cards.

Once the time cards were completed, runners traveled twenty miles daily to retrieve paper time cards from each of the three shipyards. The stacks of paper time cards were turned over to the payroll team to manually key into Sage 300 CRE. This manual process took 40 payroll labor hours a week to key in the time records for 1,800 employees. Eastern Shipbuilding Group knew they needed an automated solution to reduce the hours that the higher wage foreman and supervisors were using to review, approve and allocate labor hours. They were wanted to reduce the manual payroll processes and the associated labor hours.

The Solution

AboutTime Enterprise Suite was selected because it addressed their need for electronic time keeping and job costing, expedited employee and supervisor review and approval, and utilized mobile devices to quickly send payroll and job cost information to the office. Eastern Shipbuilding Group wanted to continue to grow and be competitive in their market and they knew that going mobile and digital was what they needed. All three shipyards implemented AboutTime Enterprise Suite to automate their employee time tracking and utilize the power of mobility. Before implementing AboutTime, writing down time and job codes was a time-consuming hassle. Now, it was all available on demand and easily accessible on mobile devices. Supervisors had everything they needed with their cell phones. They clocked in, assigned the time to the cost code, and clocked out. All the time records were reviewed by email rather than staff having to go through mountains of paper time cards. With AboutTime Enterprise Suite, corrections took only a few minutes and were spotted instantly. It saved employees’ time, made the process easier and helped them enter more accurate data.

ROI and Outcomes

AboutTime Enterprise Suite simplified the process for foreman and supervisors to review, approve and allocate time to the right job code and reduced the time it took by 95%. In the past, it took them over an hour each day per person to review, approve, and allocate time. Now they can do the same thing in 3 minutes. This time savings resulted in a labor cost savings for these high wage supervisors and foremen in the amount of $573,563.

Labor cost savings weren’t isolated to the field employees, savings were also seen in the payroll department. Before AboutTime Enterprise Suite, three employees spent a combined 40 hours per week keying in time card and cost code information. With AboutTime Enterprise Suite, this process was eliminated completely and reduced payroll labor costs by $41,600. Eastern Shipbuilding Group also saw an overall reduction in total labor costs due to AboutTime Enterprise Suite tracking time down to the minute compared to the previously overestimated and rounded time.

“We reduced the time it took supervisors and foremen to review, approve, and allocate time to the right job code by 95%.”

Additionally, the record keeping with AboutTime Enterprise Suite was much more accurate and there was no more shuffling around paper time cards. All the data was stored digitally and securely. Eastern Shipbuilding Group’s estimates and job costs were also more accurate and they were turned around around more quickly.

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