A Sage 300 CRE Match Up We “Heart!”

Everyone’s heard Aristotle’s famous saying that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of it parts.’ Well, here is a literal case of a triumvirate of software becoming more than just modules and MyAssistant_Logotransforming into a total powerhouse performer!

MyAssistant + MyCommunicator + Microsoft™ Outlook = SAGE 300 CRE ON STEROIDS.

Whether you currently are using MyAssistant with your Sage 300CRE software or not, there’s good news either way!

For current users, Sage’s newest offering, MyCommunicator takes the power of MyAssistant and places it in Outlook – where you already live. So in addition to being able to send automatic alerts, generating reports, and distributing documents, MyCommunicator uses Outlook’s email and calendars to organize everything, just the way YOU want it! Levering the functionality of MyAssistant, you can easily assign, monitor, and follow up on all the critical job info, right in Outlook. The drill-down with details are embedded right in there, so you never have to go searching another software for what’s literally at your fingertips!

If you’re NOT using MyAssistant, now you have a perfectly good reason. These three products together are like an UNPAID VIRTUAL ASSISTANT* – for EACH user! Plus, all the reasons above.

Sage is offering existing MyAssistant customers AND new customers a great limited time offer:

  • 1-5 Users              $499/ea
  • 6-10 Users            $449/ea
  • 10+ Users             $399/ea

Contact Tony Merry or call 480.423.8300 before August 29th to save up to $100 per user!


*OK, maybe 1% of an annual salary, but the more you buy, the less you pay that hypothetical employee.