5 ways to fall back in love with your construction accounting software

by Joanie Hollabaugh

Love the one you’re with…

We all get frustrated by technology. And most likely, 90% of your work day is spent using technology (or at least it seems that way). So it would make sense to love the software programs we work in right? Seeing how we’re in the Valentines’ season, we are sharing ways to renew the relationship you have with your Sage solution.

64% is rarely or never used!

A study done by the Standish Group of the ‘usage factor’ in enterprise software showed that only 7% of the potential was “always” used; 13% was “often” used; and 16% was “occasionally” used. That’s crazy, when you think about the upfront investment — plus implementation, training, and annual maintenance costs!

Chances are when your system was implemented, you learned the basics to keep the business going, promising yourself you would learn more down the road. You’re not alone!

Five ways to fall in love with your Sage CRE system:

1.  Speed date!

If your legacy system is running slowly, it’s time to crank up the speed. Our consultants have great tips and tricks for making Sage 300 CRE run faster (click the links to read the full articles):

2.  Give your system a ‘Significant Other’

Could you use someone who routes emails, creates alerts, and sends the right report at the same time every week? Then MyAssistant is for you. This ‘Gal-Monday-through-Friday’ can assign and track the most important “actionable” tasks to employees in priority order with the help of MyCommunicator. Plus, MyAssistant is much cheaper than hiring a FTE! Isn’t that worth getting your own coffee?

Another great option is TimberScan. Eliminate tedious paper clutter, automate your AP process, and make your Sage 300 CRE perform to a new level! Watch how TimberScan can reduce burdens and add time and savings back into your business. Made to seamlessly integrate with (Timberline) Sage 300 CRE. Sign up for a one-hour webinar HERE.

3.  Share the love

Chances are, everyone using the software has their own tips and tricks. Why not share them at a company-paid communal lunch once a month? People love to share what their good at; plus it’s great for team-building and training new hires. Assign a different department or employee each month to ‘wow’ their peers with their prowess.

4. Become a power user

If you haven’t joined “TUG” (Timberline Users Group) you’re missing a terrific resource! With newsletters, and online bulletin board, local chapters, monthly training webinars, local events, and a national convention — TUG is the ultimate go-to place when you want expert user help.

Don’t forget to also use Sage City and Sage University to hone your skills. Make a personal goal to master a segment of on-demand training at least once per quarter.

And lastly, take advantage of LAI’s online training – we’re reinstating the online Report Designer class this month. In 3 weeks, you can conquer your fear of creating reports with Report Designer! More here.

5.  Become an advocate

If your company is just getting out of the post-recession slump, petition to get back on plan, or upgraded to the latest version release. Use the current release notes to make your business case, citing improvements, new features, and fixes. Your boss may appreciate your personal interest in leveraging value out of his investment in the accounting software.