5 Remarkable Things I Didn’t Know About Sage

by Joanie Hollabaugh

Funny, how you take some things for granted without realizing their true scope. While Ledgerwood Associates represents Sage Construction and Real Estate products, I knew of course, there are many other core products like ERP and


Sage Gateshead

CRE and HRMS. And with the President of the North American division hailing from France, notices in my Inbox about Canadian upgrades, and news of Sage expansion into Africa – I knew of course, that Sage has a far-reaching global presence.

What I didn’t know, is how TRULY BIG Sage is! Here are some factoids I picked up on Wikipedia and the Sage website that I didn’t know:

  1. Sage was founded in 1981 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. More from Sage website:

Like many of our customers, we began as a start-up business. Our founder David Goldman wanted to automate the print estimating and basic accounting process in his own business. He worked with a team of Newcastle University students to develop software to manage this more efficiently.

David realised that other companies could also benefit from this and formed Sage in 1981 to begin selling the software.

As desktop PCs became widespread, so the Sage range grew and our business went from strength to strength.

We floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and in 1999 we entered the FTSE 100 where we still remain.


  1. Sage is the world’s third-largest supplier of enterprise resource planning software (behind Oracle and SAP), the largest supplier to small businesses, and has 6.1 million customers worldwide (source: Wikipedia)


  1. Sage has offices in 24 countries and over 13,000 employees worldwide (source: Wikipedia)


  1. Sage has 6.1 million customers worldwide! (source: Wikipedia)


  1. Sage is the patron of a beautiful concert venue and center for music education called the Sage Gateshead, on the River Tyne. (source: Wikipedia)