40 Years with Sage – Congrats Ed Ledgerwood!

ed-todd-40thOn October 10, 1974, Edward J. Ledgerwood was hired by the McGregor Fertilizer Company in Colfax, WA.

Evidently McGregor’s “computer lady” had abruptly quit, so they pointed young Ed to the Burroughs L8000 with a fresh roll of punch paper tape, and said, “We don’t know a THING about the computer, you have payroll for 120 employees due on Friday, and here’s the number for Timberline – that’s the accounting software we use.”

Fast forward ten years to 1984, when Ed opened his first Timberline dealer business in Portland, OR. In 1986, his brother Pat took over that dealership, and Ed headed for Hawaii, where he opened another Timberline dealership.

The wanderlust bug bit again. Ed came up with a marketing plan to launch Timberline in the Australian/Southeastern Asian and also sell ACCPAC for Sage, so headed to Sydney, Australia in 1988. There he formed his third Sage dealership and became the Timberline Distributor for SEAsia.

After 15 years in Australia, Ed decided to move back to the States – and he wasn’t going back to the “cold” up in the Northwest. By then, he was betrothed to the lovely Kerri Merry (a Sage Property Management Consultant from his tiny hometown in Pomeroy, WA!).

A partnership was formed with friends running a Timberline dealership, and CreativeWare in Scottsdale, AZ soon became Ed’s fourth Sage/Timberline dealership. The dealership was sold to the MIS Group in 2006, but circumstances led to the re-acquisition of the dealership in 2009, and it was re-launched as Ledgerwood Associates, Inc.

In 2011, Ledgerwood Associates acquired the Colorado territory and merged with Mark Jensen and his company Software Professional Services in Salt Lake City,LAI-building Utah, to bring Sage 100 Contractor (formerly MasterBuilder) into the sales mix.

Tony Merry literally joined his family (Kerri’s his Mom) in 2012, as the Director of Business Development for Sage 300 CRE. Tony has made a name for himself quickly – he recently won a Sage Channel Sales contest for the “Largest Individual Sale by Product Group,” closing Sage’s fiscal year in a big way!

Ed received a note from a long-time Sage/Timberline buddy, Carol Vega, (VP Customer Support, Sage NA) who summed up Ed’s character in a heartfelt tribute:

Ed, through all the years, it has always been a pleasure to work with you.  And, I have truly been inspired by your professionalism, commitment to your customers, your commitment to always doing the right thing, your amazing sense of humor, your kindness, compassion, and most of all, your friendship.

When I look back over the years, and consider how many people, companies, friends and customers you have helped, it is a pretty amazing legacy – you helped businesses grow, you coached friends and colleagues when they stumbled, you listened and had a sympathetic ear when we all complained about bad software releases, and the list goes on and on.  The world is a much better place because Ed Ledgerwood is here as moral support and a friend to help us through tough times.

Please join the Ledgerwood Associates (LAI) team in congratulating Ed on 40 years of representing and supporting the Sage/Timberline family.

Ed’s legacy has been four decades of being recognized with President’s Awards for benchmark sales, serving on the BPAC (formerly President’s Club) for over 30 years, 40 years of supporting and networking with other Sage dealers across the country, and 40 years of nurturing lifetime friendships with clients, staff, and Sage employees alike!

It’s a legacy Ed should be proud of – everyone who knows him certainly is.