10 Reasons to Attend the 2014 World of Concrete

  1. Vegas, baby! No snow, no ice, no freezing temps!
  2. You can play with the really BIG, cool trucks and equipment at the Outside Exhibit.
  3. The Outside Exhibit is next to the BEER GARDEN.
  4. WOC is celebrating its 40th anniversary!
  5. See what’s new and exciting at the #SageConstruct Booth C3739. Get a demo, kick the tires…say ‘hi’ to Ledgerwood Associates!
  6. There’s about 1,300 exhibitors and 500,000 s.f. of indoor/outdoor exhibit space – it’s going to take a work week!
  7. For the education. Seriously. There’s 100+ skill building seminars, hands-on training, interactive workshops, certification opportunities, safety and construction fundamentals, etc., etc.
  8. Did we say, Vegas, baby?
  9. Because you’re a competitor! There’s a Bricklayer Competition, a Toughest Tender Contest, the John Deere Operator Challenge —pack a little extra “macho” (or “marimacho” – had to wiki it) in your carry-on!
  10. You’re getting PAID for #1 through #9! Life is good at World of Concrete, baby!