STO Accounts Receivable Customized Aging Customer Report

We here at Ledgerwood Associates, Inc. are offering a Timberline Report Designer Accounts Receivable Aging by Customer and Job Report.  This report was created by DB Data Inc’s Timberline Consulting Rock Star Gary Jacobson.  He is THE BEST at what he does!

Here’s what it does…

The report shows open invoices with the open amount using the following columns: Invoice, Draw, Invoice Date, Description, Total Aged, Current Column, Over 30 Column, Over 60 Column, Over 90 Column, Over 120 Column, and Retainage. The report is sorted by Customer, Job, and Invoice Number. The aging is by invoice date. The report includes an optional prompt for an Accounting Cut Off Date, so this report can be used to balance to the General Ledger at the end of each month.

Requirements: Timberline Office version 9.0 or later, Accounts Receivable and Job Cost.

All you have to do is give us a call so we can set you up right away!

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